So This Is My Graphic Design Blog

Who knew? First I started a business page on facebook. I’m not teaming with fans, but I have some loyal friends who “liked” my page out of courtesy. When you live in a rural area, everyone pretty much knows who you are and what you do. Eventually I picked up enough to make it slightly respectable and I was okay with that. That was step 1.

Step 2 was becoming active on Twitter. I’ve had an account for a year now, but I didn’t start using it until I realized that some of my favorite authors had accounts and I could get updates on their work. How was I supposed to know I would get hooked?

Step 3 occurred when I realized that I missed writing, but didn’t have time for the “real thing.” It seemed to me that a blog was the answer. So, once again, I stepped into the unknown and got hooked. All of these accounts have links to my facebook business account and eventually some observant people started to notice that not only am I an avid reader and book review blogger, I am also a professional graphic designer. Those people actually showed interest… imagine that.

Just call it a supreme “duh” moment, but it honestly never occurred to me to start a blog or use tweet’s to plug my business. I know, I know ~ if any of you reading this ever actually meet me in person I will not be offended if you smack me right in the head. I guess my only excuse is that I’ve gotten all the business that I currently have by word of mouth from very loyal friends and customers. I also don’t like to toot my own horn, but I think that I may soon have to get over that.

So here we are at step 3. The beginning of my new blog. I will still update my writing blog, because that is too much fun to give up. This blog will be dedicated to my graphic design business. Hopefully I can let everyone in on what new projects I have going on and give helpful advice on advertising and giving a face to your product or business. Even though I haven’t done such a bang up job of promoting my business, I’m great at helping others promote theirs.


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