So What Exactly Have I Been Up To?

I know, I’ve been lax in my posts for a while. The only excuse that I have is that I have been very, very, very busy. There, is that convincing enough? Okay, allow me to elaborate by filling you in on some projects that I worked on in the past couple of weeks.

My “day job” includes a couple of hours each morning working at Studebaker’s General Store. This is not your average general store, in fact, it’s not a store at all. Studebaker’s is basically a showplace for Vintage Antiques. It is also the home base so to speak of My main duties while at Studebaker’s include uploading items to the owner’s stores on the website and also packing any items that they sell and getting them ready for shipment. I also ship promotional items to the various dealers who sell through the website. My graphic design skills also come into play for the owners because I design and submit advertising for them to various Antique & Collectible publications all over the country. I design their rack cards, business cards and banners as well. There are always new items coming in so the job never gets boring. If you are a collector of Vintage antiques or are just curious about looking at unique pieces of history, it’s worth a visit to

Even though Studebaker’s keeps me fairly busy, I also have other projects and clients that get me to create designs for them on a regular basis. One of those businesses is Chesapeake Outdoor Advertising. I have been designing billboards and other advertising media for them for over 3 years now. Since I’ve worked with them my design experience has definitely broadened. I now have experience in designing everything from business cards and letterheads to location signs and billboards. During the past few weeks I have designed at least 3 billboards and 2 business cards for them. These two companies alone (ironically owned by the same person) could keep me busy, but there’s more.

I started working on designing full publications on my own 5 years ago. Last year I was asked by the Chincoteague Island Chamber of Commerce to design their annual Visitor’s Guide and of course I agreed. During the past few weeks the work on this year’s publication has begun and most of the ads have been designed and approved. The cover design is close to completion as well, but I can’t share that until after publication. Don’t want to give anything away. 2012’s issue should be out sometime in January, at least that’s what we are shooting for. It’s a great guide for not only the Island, but also for business either on and around the Island who are members and support the Chincoteague Island Chamber.

Speaking of Chincoteague Island, I also have some businesses on the Island that I have done some work for in the past few weeks. Some of them I have personally done ads for in the Visitor’s Guide, others have gotten me to do ads for them along with other advertising media. One of those businesses was Maddox Family Campground. Their new rack cards were delivered to them this week, just in time for the Oyster Festival. (Oh yeah, I’m my own delivery service too. Just another one of my many duties.)

So what else have I been up to? I have several projects that aren’t complete, but I am working on. Some of them include labels for a new product line for a local business; rack cards, tickets and brochures for a local community’s annual Christmas Home Tour; designing and writing Drummondtown Baptist Church’s monthly newsletter; and a couple of design projects that I can’t talk about yet, but I’m super excited about. I’ll fill everyone in on those as soon as I can, I promise.





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