Rack Cards – When a Business Card Isn’t Enough

Okay, so you have business cards. You’ve been handing them out right and left and you are getting a fair amount of calls from prospective customers. So what’s the problem? Well, it could be that the calls that are coming in are from people asking basically the same questions over and over again. Sometimes even a two-sided business card doesn’t offer enough space to list all that your business offers. When faced with this issue, you have two options. Either a rack card or a brochure. They both have their pros and cons, but since the title of this post features rack cards, lets go with option ‘A.’

A rack card is a perfect option if you want to offer information that is beyond what you can fit on a standard business card, especially if you don’t think you have enough for a brochure. Rack cards are affordable and you have the added benefit of being able to fit them into rack card stands and racks at various venues. They don’t take up much counter space, they’re easy to hand out and you can fit a fair amount of information on them. They are also perfect to promote events and, like brochures, they are the perfect size to fit inside a regular business size envelope.

So now that I have you convinced that you need a rack card, what do you put on it? The important stuff of course. 😉 Pick up some samples the next time you go by a rack card display. You can find them at visitor centers, hotels, tourist stops and your local Chamber of Commerce. Find out how other businesses and organizations promote their business or event. After looking at a few of them you can figure out what works and what doesn’t, then take it from there.

While you’re looking at the cards in the racks, there’s something else you need to notice. They are staggered in the racks so you only see the top third of each card or brochure just like my example to the right. It’s a pretty simple rule that most designers follow, but just in case you were going to take a stab at designing one for yourself, it’s worth mentioning. Whether it’s your business name or what you do, make sure that what you want people to notice about you first is on that top 3 inches of your rack card or brochure. It’s especially important if you are competing with a display that holds dozens of cards. Of course you want yours to get noticed. 🙂


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