More Bookmarks and Reading Blog Goodies!

June turned  into quite a ‘creative’ month. 😉 I got to play with some really cool designs and provide some of my blogging buds with some useful swag! Yay! I’ve already shared the designs that I created for Beckie @ Becca’s Book Bug, but she’s not the only person that has new designs to share.

Jen @ Reading En Vogue is celebrating her blog anniversary and she wanted to dress up her blog with a brand new header. This was a fun one because she wanted a brand new design and she had a really great concept. We played with a couple of ideas and designs, but I think the final result reflects what she was going for. What do you think?

Even though it looks really cool here, you need to stop by her blog to get the full effect. Jen even sent me a drawing to go by when our back and forth emails just weren’t working. I had to giggle when she was embarrassed by her rough sketch, but it worked.  I love it when I can create what people envision. It’s a big part of what I love about the whole process. (By the way, I didn’t even tell her this, but the open book is my copy of Cassie Clare’s Clockwork Prince. Shadowhunters to the rescue once again. LOL!)

About the same time that Jen asked me to help her with her blog design, Stephanie @ Once Upon a Chapter asked me about bookmarks. I love her blog graphics and she was so worried about making little changes that I had to tell her that her 3 proofs were nothing compared to the 20+ that I sent to another anonymous *cough* Amanda *cough* blogging buddy when I did her bookmarks.

Stephanie is the second person that I have done 1000 bookmarks for, which, by the way, is the minimum for the 2×6 size. She also opted for a 2-sided design.

She had such cool graphics on her blog to begin with, the only addition that I made was the book on the back.

Be sure to let all these lovely ladies know how much you like their new designs. It was fun working with all of them. Since I’ve given Amanda such a hard time and because she’s so good at putting up with my loving harassment. (For the record, she gives as good as she gets.) 😉 Here’s a look at her final design too. I’ve used it in my advertising and the front is in my portfolio, but I don’t think I’ve shared the whole thing with everyone yet.

I’m sure if you ask Beckie, Stephanie or Amanda real nice, they’ll send you a bookmark (or 2.) If anyone else is interested in any of the products or services I offer, or even if you’re just curious, feel free to ask.


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