Book Cover Reveal ~ Bone Dressing: The Dreaming

This has been a busy year and one that was full of unexpected surprises. It was also one where one of my favorite pass times has crossed over into my working world. I’ve made a lot of great friends through my passion for reading and not only fellow readers and book bloggers, but authors as well. I’ve shared several bookmarks, business cards, logos, avis, blog heads and other various designs. Now it’s time to share my very first book cover. Michelle Brooks asked me if I would consider helping her come up with a design for the second book in her Bone Dressing Series. I was more than excited and couldn’t wait to ‘play’ with the original design (created by Novel Publicity.) I love the original cover of Bone Dressing. It’s hauntingly beautiful and expresses the premise of the book perfectly. Michelle’s vision for the future covers is to keep the same basic design, but add elements to each book cover as the series progresses. I love helping people bring their visions to life. The covers for the first two books are shown below.

Working with Michelle was great and I loved sharing in the excitement during the creative process, especially since this isn’t just a random book cover for me. It belongs to a series that I began with the first book long before I even had any contact with Michelle, other than letting her know how much I enjoyed Bone Dressing. That made her inquiry even more exciting. Through several phone conversations, dozens of emails and a lot of ‘play’ time I think that we came up with a design that we’re both pretty proud of.

Now that I have my first official cover under my belt, I can’t wait to work on the next one. 😉


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