Swag for an Author, Business Cards for a Blogger and Bookmarks sent to Japan!

I love it when my professional world and my reading world overlap. πŸ˜‰ It’s not just a matter using my hobby to gain more business. (That’s just an added bonus.) It’s more about helping authors and bloggers share the book love and help them get exactly what they’re looking for. It’s so much fun!

Author Michelle Muto

HauntingSeasonBMFrontFinalI’ve been a fan of Michelle Muto’s writing since I first picked up The Book of Lost Souls. Her next Young Adult book was Don’t Fear the Reaper, followed by her most recent release, The Haunting Season, which definitely falls into the New Adult genre. (It’s seriously scary.) When it came time to promote The Haunting Season I was beyond excited when she came to me for bookmarks. Two sided bookmarks are the perfect way to showcase both a current book and either showcase other books in a series, by the author or give an author bio. We managed to fit all that in to Michelle’s bookmarks.






Blogger Smash Attack Ash

One of my favorite things to do is to take someone’s existing ‘identity’ and give them another way to show it off. Smash Attack Reads is almost synonymous with owls and Ash’s owls are some of the cutest πŸ˜‰ I have to giggle when I get emails from people I’m doing a design for that either starts or ends with ‘are you ready to kill me yet?’ Honestly, I don’t mind going back and forth with designs, colors or fonts. That’s part of the fun. I’d much rather take a few proofs to get a design done right to begin with than to have a customer be disappointed when the actual product shows up at their door. And no, I’m not picking on Ash. A lot of people hold their breath when they ask me for even a minor change because they don’t want to be a pest or super picky or for a host of other reasons. The thing is, the designs I do are for the people I design for. I can give them suggestions or tell them I don’t think what they want will work, but ultimately it has to be something that they are happy with. My goal in any design is to make it easy for them to get a final product that they are proud to show off. I’m beyond happy that Ash has business cards that she couldn’t wait to show everybody. So, what do you think? Wasn’t I right about her cute little owlies?







International Shipping – Yes I Can!

BookmarkFront copyOne of the great things about Social Media is that it puts you in touch with people that you may never have reached otherwise. Sometimes it’s just a matter of ‘shouting’ out in frustration hoping that you’re ‘heard.’ That’s exactly what put Chri from Ink Skies in touch with me. She tweeted one day that she couldn’t find a printer that would ship bookmarks internationally. I didn’t even follow Chri on Twitter at the time (I do now, by the way) but someone who follows me mentioned that I may be able to help her. I saw the tweet, contacted Chri and the rest is history. πŸ˜‰ Chri already had a design ready for an author who wanted bookmarks, all she needed was a way to get the cards shipped to Japan. It seems that a lot of the online sites that print bookmarks don’t offer the services to customers outside of the US. Luckily, I could help Chri out. Since she already had the design ready to go, all she had to do was send it to me and I took care of the rest. There was no set-up charge because I had no work to do. All she was responsible for was the shipping and print cost. Easy! There are a few extra steps involved and it isn’t as cheap as shipping items through the US, but if someone needs anything shipped internationally, I can at the very least get them a price and help them get the printed items they need.

Stay tuned…. I’ve had a very busy Spring so far! Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with πŸ˜‰



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