From Tiny Tweaks to Brand New Graphics…

Requests have run from one extreme to the other for Deeds Graphic Services lately, but I’ve loved every minute of it.

Last month I created a brand new blog header for Felicia at The Geeky Blogger and a week or so ago she asked me if I could make a small change. No problem. She’s changed the focus of her blog to mainly audio books, so she wanted her blog header to reflect that. Made perfect sense to me 🙂



Shortly after Felicia’s request I heard from Jen at Reading ‘En Vogue’ asking me pretty much the same question. Jen’s not only a reading blogger but a writer and now that she’s changing the focus of her blog more toward writing, so her change made perfect sense as well.

ReadingEnVogueBannerUpdateThen there’s the brand new. The Kitchen Island is a great food blogging site and even though they’re just getting started they were more than ready to make an identity for themselves. The graphic actually depicts their very own kitchen island where they say ‘all the magic happens.’

KitchenIslandHeaderYellowSo, from reading bloggers, to writers to people who simply love to cook, this month has already proven to be quite interesting 😉




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